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Protecting Your Children in California: Custody Considerations with Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Seeking legal counsel when navigating child custody amidst domestic violence is crucial. California law prioritizes the child’s best interests, and a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) can significantly impact custody arrangements. This article provides an overview of relevant California laws and considerations for individuals facing this complex situation. California’s Presumption Against Abusers in Custody Decisions:… Read More »

How to Obtain The Best Possible Outcome When You Have to Go to Court in Your Family Law Case

Four Steps to Improve Your Chances of Getting What You Desire In Family Law Hearings If You Are the Movant Submit Terrific Papers. Opposition Papers Should Be Filed As Early As Possible. Opposing Papers Should Attack the Weakness of The Movant’s Papers. Consider Telling Your Attorney You Don’t Want An Objection to The Evidence Pleading Filed…. Read More »