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Experienced Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Safeguards Clients’ Interests

Galen Gentry offers proactive representation in divorce, child custody, child support and related cases in the Los Angeles area


Divorce is never easy, but the process can be made less difficult with the help of an experienced family law attorney who can protect your rights. Galen Gentry has helped clients navigate the complexities of divorce and its related issues for over 30 years. As a seasoned family law attorney in Los Angeles, Mr. Gentry brings experience and understanding of California law to all cases. If you are a Los Angeles or Orange County resident who needs  legal support during one of life’s most difficult events, you can count on Mr. Gentry to provide sound guidance that will help you obtain the best result.

Responsive support for your family law matter

Mr. Gentry can help you in all areas of family law. He assists Los Angeles area clients with these areas:

  • Divorce — Mr. Gentry can represent you during your divorce and advise you in matters related to the division of assets, including helping you understand what is considered community property versus separate property. Galen will also advocate for your rights in decisions regarding alimony, child custody and child support.
  • Modification orders — The firm handles modification orders for child support, alimony and child custody agreements if life changes warranted updating a current arrangement.
  • Child support — He will seek an arrangement in which you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support to raise your child in a happy and healthy environment.
  • Child custody and visitation — Ensure parenting time is divided in a way that grants a child stability and safety and preserves your parental bond. Ensure clients’ rights to time with their children and the right to make decisions regarding parenting.
  • Divorce mediation representation — Some divorces can be handled outside of the courtroom with the help of a mediator. In these instances, Mr. Gentry provides representation. This approach is much less expensive and much less emotionally taxing. However, both parties need to be committed to reaching a fair agreement.
  • Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements — Mr. Gentry can draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to help clients protect their property. He can also review proposed prenuptial agreements.
  • Paternity — If you are seeking to establish paternity of a child as a mother for child support reasons or as a father in order to play a role in your child’s life, Galen can guide you through the process.

Mr. Gentry handles all substantive facets of the clients’ cases. If you have a question about the law or how the law applies in your case you will always communicate directly with Mr. Gentry and get the benefit of three decades of experience.

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Since 1995, Galen Gentry has helped Los Angeles residents in all areas of family law, including  divorce, child custody, child support and related matters. To schedule a free virtual consultation, call (818) 864-7833 or contact me online.