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Compassionate California Divorce Lawyer Provides Guidance and Advice

Reliable family law firm helps clients in the Los Angeles area

The dissolution of a marriage is emotional and stressful, even when both partners agree that it is the right decision. As a caring attorney at Galen Gentry can help ease the legal strain of divorce so you can concentrate on the health and well-being of your family. Representing divorcing spouses in the Los Angeles area and as well as Orange County, Galen works to reach favorable arrangements for the care of your children and the division of your shared property and the payment of spousal and child support. Mr. Gentry can address any questions or concerns you may have so that you can have confidence moving forward.

Dedicated advocate strives for fair support, child custody and community property orders

Galen Gentry will listen to your needs and consider your goals while working to develop solutions for all aspects of your divorce. We handle:

  • Distribution of property and debts— The division of your home and other assets begins with determining whether property is owned by the parties as community property or owned by just one spouse. The basic law is simple. The property obtained during the marriage is community property. Community property is divided evenly. Debts incurred during the marriage are community debts and community debts are divided evenly.   Beneath that simple rule are enormous complexities. Here are some examples: what if one party made a substantial down payment from separate property to purchase the marital residence when the parties first married? Does that spouse receive a credit?  If a couple own multiple properties, how are they divided? If one spouse incurs substantial debt for gambling during marriage is that a community property debt?  What is the date of separation? Why does the date of separation matter?  Mr. Gentry will explain the relevant law in your particular case. He will give you options regarding how to proceed with community property division. Once you have made your decisions, Galen will accomplish your goals.
  • Spousal support — In California there are two types of spousal support. Temporary and long term sometimes called permanent. Spousal support is also known as alimony. After a petition of divorce is filed a spouse can seek an order of temporary support. It is usually impossible to maintain two households at the same economic level as the original marital household; however, temporary support is paid to the lower income spouse to attempt to maintain the status quo. Temporary support is calculated using a statutory formula based on the parties incomes. Long term support is paid after the divorce is finalized by an agreement of the parties or by a judgment after trial. Long term is not based on a formula. It is based on 14 factors enumerated in the Family Code.  Important components of long term support are the need for support and the ability of the payor to pay it. Galen Gentry has years of experience and will ensure you have a support order that suits you best. Whether you are the payor or the payee you need experienced representation to ensure you have a fair support order.
  • Child custody and visitation — Court orders determine where your child will live, how parenting time will be split and to what degree each parent gets to make decisions about their child’s life. The ideal situation is one in which parents cooperate with each other for the child’s best interest. If one spouse refuses to do so, the other spouse will seek relief by asking the Court for an order determining custody. Mr. Gentry will explain your rights and obligations under the law, discuss your goals, and then attain them to ensure you obtain a custody order that is best for your children.
  • Child supportChild support amounts are calculated using the parties’ incomes and the amount of time the children spend with each parent. After a petition for divorce has been filed either parent can seek an order fixing child support, or the parties can submit a proposed order to the court asking that it be adopted.  Once the divorce judgment issues child support remains in effect. It is changeable if there is a change in circumstances. Common changes which can influence support are the parents change the custody time agreement or one parent’s income increases or decreases.
  • Uncontested divorce — If you and your spouse want a divorce and do not have any issues in conflict, learn about our uncontested divorce services.

Experienced family lawyer encourages cooperation and carefully handles litigation

Most couples will first try to settle their differences through negotiation with the help of counsel. Often they can agree on many or most things, with just a few sticking points. Mr. Gentry encourages an open exchange of information about the facts concerning the issue with the opposing side. Earnest negotiation takes place to attempt to reach a solution that satisfies all. Mr. Gentry and his clients have used mediators to help resolve problems. A mediator is a third party legal professional who will not decide the issue, but will attempt to help the parties and their attorneys reach a settlement.

If litigation is necessary to reach your goals you want an experienced trial attorney. Galen Gentry has 30 years of experience. His most recent trial took place on August 11, 2021. Many lawyers have practiced for years and have never taken a case to trial.  If you have intractable issues relating to spousal support (alimony), child custody, division of community debts or assets, Mr. Gentry will litigate to win.

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