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California Attorney Works to Modify Orders and Agreements

Skilled family lawyer assists clients in the Los Angeles area seeking changes in child support, custody or alimony

Every family’s situation changes over time, and those changes may make it necessary to take legal action to ensure that existing court orders evolve to meet new family requirements. What was suitable to the parties at the time of the divorce or separation may no longer work as jobs change, children age and parents remarry. Mr. Gentry helps families in the Los Angeles area and throughout Orange County obtain appropriate modifications to child support, child custody, relocation, visitation, time-sharing and spousal support / alimony orders. Modifications of these orders often require proof that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Mr. Gentry has the skills and experience obtain modifications and to oppose them if you feel a proposed modification is not in the parties’ or children’s best interest.

Responsive counselor advocates for modifications when circumstances warrant them

In family law cases, an existing court order can usually only be modified by agreement or when there is a significant change in circumstances. These changes may include a greater financial need or increase in income due to a job change or loss, a medical emergency involving the child, or a change in your child’s environment or time-sharing situation. Galen Gentry will advocate for your rights in court to help you obtain the modifications you and your children need. Galen will guide you through the hearing to get results.

Family lawyer provides clients with individualized legal assistance

When you bring your modification case to our firm, Galen Gentry will review your goals with you. Examine the existing agreements between you and your ex-spouse or child’s parent. Together we set realistic, achievable objectives to bring before the judge. Whether you are seeking an adjustment in your spousal or child support, are looking to adjust your visitation schedule, or are attempting to become the primary custodian of your children, Mr. Gentry can help. He also represents clients seeking to retain existing orders and oppose modifications when requested modifications are not in their best interests or those of their children.

Contact an experienced California family law attorney for help with a modification

Galen Gentry Law Group understands that your family’s needs change over time, and I am committed to helping you achieve a custody or support modification that addresses your changed circumstances. Call at (310) 282-7521 or contact me online to schedule a free virtual consultation at my Woodland Hills office.