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How Do I Add My Spouse to My House Deed? How Do I Change Property from Community to Separate Property?

Under California law, if you want to add your spouse to the deed of your house, you would typically use a grant deed. This deed transfers ownership interest in the property from you to both you and your spouse jointly. You would need to prepare and sign the grant deed, then have it notarized and… Read More »

Can I Receive Credit for My Down Payment on Our Marital Residence in a California Divorce

Question: How can I prove my cash down payment towards the home I purchased before marriage ? I’m going through a divorce. I purchased my home five years prior to getting married and then added my spouse to the title later on when I refinanced. She now wants half the equity. I put $200,000 cash… Read More »

Dividing the house or other real property in a California Divorce

I am often asked questions similar to this one: Am I entitled to anything from a living trust in divorce if I paid the mortgage? My ex put the home that we are living in into a living trust before the marriage. For the last 5 years or so, I have been paying the mortgage… Read More »