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Los Angeles Family Law Courts No Longer Have Court Reporters

Change in Rules Regarding Court Reporters

Effective November 14, 2022 the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law Departments will amend its policies regarding the availability of official court reporters. Official court reporters are not statutorily required to be provided in unlimited civil, family law, or probate matters, and existing court reporter coverage will end November 14 for family law, probate, and writs and receiver cases.

Pursuant to Government Code § 69957, electronic recording in general jurisdiction matters, including family law, probate, and writs and receivers, is not permitted. Parties will need to arrange for a court reporter to be present when their matter is called in courtrooms that will no longer have official court reporters and pay for those services.

Parties with fee waivers may request an official court reporter pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 2.956 (c)(2) and Local Rule 2.21.

Why It Matters

Recording by audio/visual means is not allowed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. If your request for orders motion regarding child custody, child support, spousal support is complex it may make sense for a party to hire a private Certified Short Hand Reporter to take the record and prepare a transcript. The transcript will likely be necessary if a party believes the court order after the hearing has errors.

If a party is going to trial on a divorce case or a paternity case in Los Angeles County Family Law Court it will be prudent ( I would say necessary) to hire a Certified Short Hand Reporter to take the record and prepare a transcript to ensure there are no errors in the judgment.