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How is spousal support changed if the payor moves out of California?

How is spousal support affected if the payor moves out of California?


In my divorce judgment I have to pay long term spousal support. Do I still have to pay spousal support if I move out of California? I am moving to get a better job.


Spousal support is also known as alimony. Your obligation to pay spousal support or child support doesn’t change because the payor move out of California. Nor does a spousal support obligation change because the recipient moves out of California. All spousal support and child support orders remain in effect until the Court issues a new order changing the old order.

Changes in spousal support orders can occur by agreement of the parties. If the parties agree to modify spousal support the parties submit a stipulation to modify the spousal support and a proposed order changing the spousal support for the court to sign.

Modifications in spousal support orders can occur by motion. You can file a request for support modification of spousal support with the court using form FL-300. You must also file a FL-150 income and expense declaration. Here’s a link to an article showing the steps to modify a support order without a lawyer. The example is for child support, but the steps to modify spousal support are exactly the same. Instead of checking the child support box, you check the spousal support box on the FL-300.

*In California there are two types of spousal support: long term support and temporary support. Learn the difference between temporary spousal support and long term support here. Temporary support and long term support are calculated differently. Learn how temporary support and long term support are calculated here.