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What is a 2-2-3 Parenting Schedule in a Child Custody Order?

A 2-2-3 parenting schedule is a  way that parents with joint physical custody of children divide the custody time. Many parents choose this schedule because it allows a reasonable amount of uninterrupted time with the children and the children are never apart from either parent for long. The phrase 2-2-3 in the context of a parenting schedule refers to days.

Parent 1 has the children for the first two days of the week. Parent 2 has custody of the children for the next two days. Parent 1 then takes the kids for the next three days which includes a weekend. Then, it’s Parent 2’s turn to have custody for two days. Parent 1 gets the kids back on the second two days. Parent 1 takes the children for three days including a weekend.

The schedule goes back and forth; both parents enjoy weekend and weekday time with the children. It is not a good schedule for parents who live far from each other.

Good point: There is a not a big gap in the time each parent spends with the child in a 2-2-3 custody schedule.

Bad points: There is a lot of transferring. If the parents live far apart it can be hard on the children to travel as frequently as is required in a 2-2-3 plan. With older children a 2-2-3 plan is often too much. Many times older kids prefer to stay with one parent for a week and the other parent for a week.

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