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Summary Dissolution–A Simpler Faster Way to Divorce in California

A summary dissolution is a simpler way to end a marriage or domestic partnership for couples who qualify and are able to cooperate in obtaining the divorce judgment. A summary dissolution becomes final 6 months after you file with the court.

It’s less expensive. Our firm charges a flat fee: no retainers, no deposits, and there’s not as much paperwork as the standard divorce process.

Not everyone can use this process: only couples who:

Have been married less than 5 years

Have no children together

Own  and owe relatively little

Do not want spousal support

Agree on how to split any property and debts


Details: You can’t own or lease real property with one exception: If you are leasing an apartment or other abode and your lease ends within a year of the divorce filing

  • Together you owe less than $6,000This just counts what you owe from when you married to the day you split up. Exclude any car loans in this count.
  • You have less than $47,000 together and separately Pro tip: Don’t forget about retirement accounts. Property includes your retirement plan, like a 401k or a pension. These can have a high value.

You have less than $47,000 together and separately

  • Property from during your marriage (community property)
  • The property you and your spouse own together is worth less than $47,000
  • Property is things like money (cash or in a bank) and items you own, like furniture
  • Do not count the value of any cars
  • You can use this worksheet to help you figure this out
  • Property from before you married (separate property)
  • You each have property worth less than $47,000 from before you married or after you separated
  • This also includes things you inherited or were a gift to just one of you
  • You can use this worksheet to help you figure this out

You both agree to the terms of the divorce

  • You must both agree that neither of you will ever get spousal support
  • This means that you will both sign an agreement saying you will not get support and that describes how you want things split
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