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Please help me understand 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend child custody visitation

Child custody parenting schedules can be confusing. I am often asked questions about the “5th” weekend.

Question:My ex has visitation is ordered to be 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends. To me it sounds as alternate weekends. But when 5th weekend comes, the 1st weekend of the new month is the following weekend (2 weekends visitation in a row). Is this understood correctly? Let me demonstrate an example for better understanding:  Child sees the other parent on 5th weekend (July 29, 2022). Next Friday is the 1st weekend of August (August 5, 2022). Does that mean dad gets to see minor for two weekends straight?

Answer:  Yes, that’s what it means. There’s a 5th weekend four times a year. Adding the 5th weekend gives the non-custodial parent a little more parenting time in the child custody order. It’s often a good compromise. Want to change your custody order? Read this. Want to learn how the court determines child custody schedules in Los Angeles and Orange County? Read this.

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