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Does Temporary Spousal Support Have an End Date in California?

Question: If temporary spousal support (alimony) is awarded, will that temporary support order have an end after the standard “half the length of the marriage” or does the temp support continue until there is a final judgment? I had a short marriage of 18 months.

Answer: This is a great question. Unless the court order for temporary spousal support (also known as alimony) specifies an end date for temporary support (and specifying an end date is rarely done especially by the layperson in a California divorce) then the support order from the Court will state support continues until “further order of the court.” It seems your question is a hypothetical. You state “if temporary support is awarded.” So, if your ex has filed a motion, known as a request for orders, for spousal support you may want to respond with an FL-320 form, the Responsive Declaration to Request for Orders, in which you request an end date.

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