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Am I Stuck with Our Home Loan In a Divorce Since Only My Name Is On It?

What are my rights to my home if I divorced? What happens to the loan if it’s only in my name? Am I stuck with it?

QUESTION: My husband and I own a home and have kids. We bought the home together during our marriage. It is titled in both our names.However, after a recent re-fi, the mortgage loan was put in my name only to get a better interest rate. If my husband and I separate and divorce, what will happen to the home? What happens to the mortgage loan? Will I be stuck with being responsible for the whole loan?

ANSWER: No, You won’t be stuck with it. The house and the debt are community interests. You will divide both.

California Family Code Section 760 states: “Except as otherwise provided by statute, all property, real or personal, wherever situated, acquired by a married person during the marriage while domiciled in this state is community property.” This includes salaries and other income received for each party’s work during the marriage, real estate . Similarly debt for the mortgage, and other expenses assumed by the parties for the benefit of the community are joint obligations.

Community property is: Anything you earned while married. Anything you bought with money you earned while married Debt you take on while married. Property you didn’t earn, like a gift or inheritance one of you received while married, is NOT community property.

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